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Ramesh Menon
Oracle Certified Master - 10g and 11g
Oracle Certified RAC Expert - 10g
Oracle Certified Professional - 11g

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Hi Ramesh,
I am moving from oracle 10g RAC database with user managed backup setup to oracle11gR2 RAC database with ASM and RMAN backup setup. My question is related to RMAN catalog database setup

1) The target database would be 11GR2.
2) For backup and recovery we will use RMAN.
3) entire setup is virtualised, we are using VM instead of bare metal or dedicated physical boxes.

My question

1.To create RMAN backup and recovery setup in this environment do i have to use another VM to create catalog database in which the target 11GR2 database would be registered.

2. What version of catalog database would be compatible with 11Gr2.

Let me know if i am missing any piece.

Would be glad to hear back.


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Hi Ramesh,

I have one query regarding RMAN restoration.

I have backupieces of 3 days existing in disk,Now i want to restore 3 days old backup

As by default if you do resoratin it will restore latest backup,But i want to restore 3 day old backup,suppose I have backup of 17th,18th,19th dec and now I want to restore backup of 17th dec.

Please guide me how to do that.



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I have seen the below link:-

for create Rman Catalog on 11g and registering 10G database which is on another server.

Overall it is great vedio to get an breif about catalog creation.

However, i have one confusion, after creating catalog on other server with 11g

When we are registering the 10g Database

We Just typed register database and we did not mention the name of catalog database.

My Question is how the target database knows that on which database its going to register.


Rohit Misri
Oracle DBA 10g

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Hi Ramesh,

I have one question,That query is running fine yesterday and today is running slow.
now my question is how we can find explain plan of that query for yesterday one.

Also please explain what is verison counts.

Please answers.
Thank you

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The article describes how you could directly read a backup piece using the dbms_backup_restore package.

This restore is done from tape using the Netbackup MML.
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You can use a stored outline that allows use of a standard execution plan to be maintained, irrespective of the changes
in the system. This feature gives plan stability for queries. This can be useful when you cannot change the code as it
is a third party application, but feel that a certain query can run better with a particular execution plan.

The following article shows the technical aspects of setting up outlines in Oracle database.

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Hi Ramesh,

I have good explain plan of query.How to save that plan in Oracle dataabse,so that if some for reason plan change and query behaves bad,then I can load that good plan for particular query.

So question is how should I tell to optimizer to used this plan.


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With releases prior to Oracle 11GR2, addition or deletion of nodes would entail the client tnsnames.ora file being updated with the correct VIP address. This would be cumbersome if there are many clients that connect to the cluster. With Oracle 11gR2 GRID, Oracle has introduced the concept of SCAN.Clients connect to the cluster providing the database service, via the scan listener (initial connection) and based on the load profile of the node, the scan listener would “hand off” the connection to the local listener, establishing the final database connection.

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Good Day Oracle Masters,

Hope u are well.

I have some problem with my Oracle Installation, we had a virus called Sality and I think it might have
affected some of my Oracle system files. After we installed Karspersky AntiVirus 6.0.4,
I now can’t launch any of the Oracle Tools, like Enterprise Manager Console, Net Service Configuration, SQLPlus etc.

But surprisingly when I check the Oracle Services, they are started, but I am unable to access the DB via SQLPLUS nor EM Console, nor can
I reconfigure the TNS.
So am wondering what to do next, could you possibly know of a way I can fix this kind of a problem?
My Data files .i.e .DBF files are fortunately on a separate drive (D:), but I wonder if there
is a way I can recover the affected Oracle system files and then restore the data.

Please guide me on how to go about this issue.


When you insert the Oracle 10g R2 CD, is there an option to Repair?

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With Oracle 11g, you can use physical standby database while your it is open in read only mode. Hence, the users can get real time data, which is almost as of production time. This feature is called Active Dataguard or Real Time Query.

This feature is part of the Oracle Enterprise edition and requires separate license for use.
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